I've been waiting on the world and truth is, the world's been waiting on me. So I gotta get MOVIN'!

ūüíč -Avery*Sunshine

Why wear lip liners?

Besides making the color stick, a good liner acts as a base and enhances the true color of your lipstick. It also prevents lip color from bleeding and gives the lips a more finished and detailed appearance.

Line me up!

LOU*MACK BEAUTY is named in honor of my maternal great grandmother, Jemima Lou Bodison-Mack. Born in 1899, she was a single mother, property owner, caretaker, pentecostal preacher and pastor. Her legacy serves as a reminder to honor the lineage that presents itself in the fullness of our lips, the curl of our hair, the richness of our traditions and our enviable strength.



We are honored to share LOU*MACK BEAUTY cosmetics with you! Feel free to discover, behold and celebrate the beauty of your lineage. Adorn those beautiful and sacred features and let the world see you S H I N E.