Lou*Mack Beauty's Pinin' Pink Liquid Matte Lip and The Avery Lash

Keep Shining. No Matter What.

Wow. 2020. Not much I can tell you that you don’t already know. When I received the definitive word that ALL of our concerts were cancelled until further notice, my heart sank into my gut. In addition to the myriad of other life happenings, now THIS?!?!  I thought, "How will we pay our bills? How will we eat? Where will we live?" I began drafting my epitaph.

Turns out, this down time has forced me to recalibrate and tweak ME. I was compelled to work on relationships and without apology, disconnect from things that were no longer serving my higher being. This time has also served as a catalyst for creativity and growth. I’ve become a “quarantine” chef making everything from Tom Kha Gai soup to Gooey Butter Cake  to Chicago style deep dish pizza! I've learned about interior design and I've spent time decorating my new home. My husband bought bikes and we started riding again. (Disclaimer: I ride to feel a slight breeze on my face. Dana rides with the wind! He’s averaging 30 miles a ride. My average is one.)  I’m even completing new music and preparing to launch my own subscription based platform so that I can continue to bring the “Live from the Crib” shows to my fans. Oh yeah... my newest baby: LOU*MACK BEAUTY. :) With the help of my tribe, I've created and launched a cosmetic line in 2020. 

After digesting the uncertainty of getting back to work, cooking and eating everything that I could get my hands on, virtual calling myself into oblivion and napping like I was an infant child, I figured I could either let 2020 get the best of me or I could give 2020 the best of me. Thank God I chose the latter. 

Keep going. Keep shining and keep giving the universe the best of you. NO MATTER WHAT.