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LOU*MACK BEAUTY by Avery*Sunshine

Face Mask Lipstick Protector

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Wear this silicone reusable mask bracket to protect your LOU*MACK BEAUTY lipsticks and liners from your mask!

  • Prevents mask from touching mouth and nostrils when inhaling without compromising protection
  • Creates a dome of airflow to make breathing easier
  • Discourages mask repositioning
  • Reusable + Washable
  • Lightweight


Why Liners?

Besides making the color stick, a good liner acts as a base and enhances the true color of your lipstick. It also prevents lip color from bleeding and gives the lips a more finished and detailed appearance. This long wearing, moisturizing, velvety lip liner is perfect to pair with your favorite Lou*Mack Beauty lipstick! 

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