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LOU*MACK BEAUTY by Avery*Sunshine


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An everyday light & wispy natural lash. Longest lash length in the LMB line. When you want your lashes to be just enough and not too much. 

-Avery 💋

  • Includes 1 pair of 5D natural strip lashes
  • Cruelty free lash
  • Reusable
  • non synthetic

CARE: Gently remove lashes from eyelids with makeup remover. Next, with tweezers, remove any dried glue and/or product from the lash. Wash with gentle face wash and rinse. Return lashes to lashtray and let dry. Reuse for as long as the lashes stay in tact!

Why Liners?

Besides making the color stick, a good liner acts as a base and enhances the true color of your lipstick. It also prevents lip color from bleeding and gives the lips a more finished and detailed appearance. This long wearing, moisturizing, velvety lip liner is perfect to pair with your favorite Lou*Mack Beauty lipstick! 

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